Sony Moves Release Date For ROBOCOP; Is It In Trouble?


Sony Pictures has moved Neill Blomkamp’s Matt Damon starrer Elysium from March 2013 to an August 9th release. This shows that Sony believes the science fiction thriller has the potential to hit it big during the summer season. However, the studio has also moved back the much maligned RoboCop remake.

The Jose Padilha directed film has now been shunted from its scheduled August release date to February 7, 2014. The studio is probably hoping that people (like me) forget the negative buzz. – giving them time to rework/reshoot the problems which appear to be inherent in the film’s script – and then market the (cyborg enhanced) living heck out of it.

Drew McWeeney tore strips from the screenplay when he did a ‘Twitter review’, highlighting everyone’s worst fears – that the script just didn’t understand Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 original. That comes despite the impressive supporting cast made up of Michael Keaton, Samuel L. Jackson and Gary Oldman – Joel Kinnaman plays the titular RoboCop.

There were also rumours that director Jose Padilha was facing a lot of interference from studio suits – never a good sign, but that can often just be scuttlebutt. However, then came behind the scenes images (above and below), which look, well, frankly they look terrible. The fact that RoboCop appears to have one human hand is ridiculous. It is like he is a cross between Batman and Michael Jackson – not a good look.

I wouldn’t be surprised if RoboCop undergoes a lot (and I mean a lot) of tinkering during its now (prolonged) post-production phase.

Source: Deadline