Soderbergh Is Back! Trailer For LOGAN LUCKY Starring Channing Tatum, Adam Driver & Daniel Craig

Steven Soderbergh has been a Movies In Focus favourite since the 1990s. A masterful director with a  great cinematic touch, I regretted Soderbergh’s self-imposed ‘retirement’. However, it didn’t last long (four years) – and now he’s back with Logan Lucky, a heist caper starring Channing Tatum, Adam Driver & Daniel Craig.

This trailer is riffing hard on the Ocean’s 11 (12 & 13) connections, but you can’t help sense the change in dynamic with this very different cast for Logan Lucky. Channing Tatum always seems to be up for anything – but it’s Daniel Craig who impresses – he seems to have really cutting loose, embracing the stupidity in a way that George Clooney does for the Coen Brothers.

Check out the trailer:

Logan Lucky opens on August 18, 217.