Show Your Support For Independent Sci-Fi Film BLACK BOX


A key mission for Movies In Focus is to champion low budget filmmakers and help introduce unique voices to audiences. It’s very difficult for filmmakers to be heard over the noise of the loud Hollywood machine and to either raise funds or gain distribution for their work.

It’s time again for Movies In Focus to ring a bell and bang the drum in order to draw attention to a new film that’s in production. Director Angel Delgado and producer Gemma Bradley have started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for Black Box, a sci-fi film set in the far reaches of space.

Earlier this year Movies In Focus reviewed the duo’s debut feature Brothers’ Day, an engergetic and gritty crime drama set in Manchester. This time they’re upping the budget and scope in order to deliver the type of film that rarely gets made in the UK’s low budget arena.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Black Box is a one-person survival thriller set in Space. Think the claustrophobic feeling of Buried, but with the scope of Gravity.

It takes place in a future when mining asteroids near our planet has become commonplace, and there are people out there, extracting resources for private companies. Companies such as Tyco Corp, the one in the film. It’s a story about courage in adverse circumstances, but also about so much more… because Marcus also has the black box from the station, which contains important details of the accident… what happened up there?

Delgado and Bradley are looking to raise £4000 through their Kickstarter campaign and they’re nearly a third of the way there already. However, the beauty of this sort of thing is that you can exceed your target and that means the dreams and visions of a filmmaker can be surpassed.

Watch the pair talk about their plans for the film – and then dig deep and offer your support on the Black Box Kickstarter page.

Keep reading Movies In Focus for more news on Black Box as it develops.