SDCC: George Miller Unveils MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Posters; Compares Film To THE ROAD WARRIOR


It has taken almost 15 years for George Miller to get Mad Max: Fury Road to the screen. He faced many uphill struggles to make the movie and he must feel a great sense of relief now the film has finally been shot. Miller took to the San Diego Comic Convention to tease the movie which sees Tom Hardy replace Mel Gibson in the title role (it doesn’t open until next summer) unleashing four new character posters and a trailer (check them out below).

Miller compared the film to Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior:

‘’It’s closer to ‘Mad Max 2. Simply because it happens over a short period of time, over a few days, and it’s an extended chase. And tonally that’s more what Mad Max 2 was.”




I’m looking forward to this one, although it’s a shame that Mel Gibson isn’t back to play an older, more weathered Mad Max.