Ryan Reynolds’ HIGHLANDER Remake Needs A New Director


Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has dropped out of the long gestating Highlander remake, which is set to star Ryan Reynolds as the immortal Connor Macleod. The reason for the departure is that Fresnadillo and the studio, Summit, didn’t see eye to eye on the direction that the film should take.

The original Highlander is a cult classic and a great film. I don’t buy those people saying that it should be remade because it’s flawed – it’s not flawed – it’s great. Sean Connery, Christopher Lambert, the Queen soundtrack and director Russell Mulcahy’s stylish pop visuals combine to make it a wonderful piece of 80s cinema.

The remake (written by Art Marcum, Matt Holloway and Noah Oppenheim) seems to have had a revolving door of directors, I’m fine with that as nothing could compete with the original. The sequels – not so much.

Summit is eager to get Highlander off the ground and (re)launch the franchise, so expect another director to attached soon.

Source: Deadline