Rumours Suggest An INDIANA JONES Return In 2018; Will It Be Harrison Ford Or Chris Pratt?


The internet is afire with rumours that Indiana Jones will be returning to screens in late 2018. Although,  Indy producer – and husband to Kathleen Kennedy, Lucasfilm boss – has stated there have been ‘no discussions on Indy 5 to date’.

It’s likely ‘no discussions’ means that they’re planning a new film – but they don’t yet know if it’ll be a sequel with Harrison Ford returning as the intrepid archaeologist, or a franchise reboot. If it’s the latter then the odds on favourite is current Hollywood golden boy Chris Pratt. Lucasfilm and Disney will reboot the George Lucas created character at some point, but it would be fun to see Ford have one more crack at the whip.

Movies In Focus prefers its Indiana Jones adventures with Harrison Ford and will accept no substitutes.

Source: AICN/ Slashfilm