RULES DON’T APPLY To Warren Beatty’s New Howard Hughes Movie

Rules Don’t Apply – that’s the name of Warren Beatty’s long awaited Howard Hughes movie (and Movies In Focus’ must-see movie of 2016). Beatty has unveiled the movie’s title, along with new images and it’s official release date (11 November) to Entertainment Weekly.

This is what Warren Beatty had to say about the film and its long gestation period:

I’ve had the idea of making a movie about Howard Hughes in mind for a long time. We never met, but I sometimes feel like I knew everybody who knew Howard and I never lost my curiosity about him. It’s just that I don’t run around doing movies all the time.

I had it in mind for a long time and then I didn’t. It’s like asking how long did it take to do Reds or Bugsy or Bonnie and Clyde, all of which are about people who lived. Where is the story you want to tell about those people? I have had the luxury of not having to rush to do these movies.

This is a story about a young man and a young woman who come to Hollywood, both of whom are affected by American Protestant, American Puritan morality on the brink of the sexual revolution and the rise of feminism that was to take place in the early ’60s.

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Source: EW