Ruffalo, McAdams, Tucci, Schreiber, Eckhart And Keaton Are In The SPOTLIGHT

Ruffalo, McAdams, Tucci, Schreiber, Eckhart And Keaton Are In The SPOTLIGHT

Sometimes a movie comes along with a cast so good that it’s hard to believe. Spotlight is one of those films – Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams, Michael Keaton, Aaron Eckhart, Liev Schreiber and Stanley Tucci all star in the film which is based on the real-life Boston Globe investigation into pedophile priests (it’s telling about our times when most of these guys have been in superhero movies).

This is the news from Deadline:

“The title refers to the Spotlight Team of Boston Globe reporters and editors that uncovered an unimaginable citywide conspiracy to cover up clergy child abuse. That investigative team included then-Globe editor Marty Baron (Schreiber) and Spotlight Team editor Walter “Robby” Robinson (Keaton). Reporters Michael Rezendes (Ruffalo), Sacha Pfeiffer (McAdams), and Matt Carroll spent a year interviewing victims and reviewing thousands of pages of documents and discovered years of cover-up by Church leadership. Their reporting eventually led to the resignation of Cardinal Bernard Law, who had hidden years of serial abuse by other priests and opened the floodgates to other revelations of molestation and cover-ups around the world which still reverberate today. For their efforts, the Globe team won the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service in 2003.”

Ruffalo is currently riding a post-Avengers wave and Eckhart is always worth your time – but it’s good to see Michael Keaton getting yet another meaty role. The word on the street is that Keaton is going to win a lot of awards for his work in Birdman – this could be his big comeback.

Source: Deadline