ROBIN HOOD: THE REBELLION – There’s Another Robin Hood Film In 2018!

Movies In Focus has been a fan of the Robin Hood legend since watching Robin Of Sherwood as a kid in the mid-1980s. Of course I like the Erroyl Flynn and Kevin Costner versions and even Ridley Scott’s Russell Crowe starrer has something to offer (is it any wonder I now live in Nottingham?).

The big hype in 2018 is the Otto Bathurst-directed/Taron Egerton-starring Matrix-style version of the legend hitting the big screen in November – but there’s a smaller version of the hooded man hitting the small screen too.

Described as ”The Raid meets Die Hard with a medieval twist’‘, Robin Hood: The Rebellion will be released on Digital HD and DVD from 5 November by Signature Films.

If you need a reason to watch – this version has the mighty Brian Blessed as Friar Tuck!  Ben Freeman (whoever he is) plays Robin and James Oliver is the Sheriff Of Nottingham.

Here’s the trailer:

The synopsis:

After Maid Marian is kidnapped by the Sheriff of Nottingham, Robin Hood must get a band of men together in order to save her. Many are reluctant, given that they are massively outnumbered by the Sheriff’s forces – but those that do join Robin will stop at nothing to defeat the bloodthirsty tyrant. Together, they hatch an audacious plan to penetrate the depths of the Sheriff’s castle and reclaim Robin’s true love.