Roberto Orci Won’t Direct STAR TREK 3; Will Edgar Wright Replace Him?


Roberto Orci has left the Enterprise. Orci was set to direct the third film in Paramount Picture’s Star Trek reboot, but that is no longer the case, with the director either quitting or being fired – depending on who tells the tale. The studio is now trying to score a new director, with geek-favourite Edgar Wright at the top of list; ironic as Wright left Marvel’s Ant-Man at the last minute due to the oft-mentioned ‘creative differences’.

Orci is an indemand writer-producer and Star Trek was supposed to be his giant leap into directing. However, the word on the bridge is that Paramount wasn’t happy with the script, which apparently involved time travel as a way of having Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk meet William Shatner’s Captain Kirk. J.J Abrams piloted the first two films in the reboot of the franchise, but left to pursue that other (and better) sci-fi franchise, Star Wars.

Paramount will have to move at Warp Factor nine to replace Orci, as the studio wants the film released in time to celebrate Star Trek’s 50th anniversary in 2016.

Source: Badass Digest