Robert Redford Revisits ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN


Robert Redford looks set to return to the world of Watergate, as the star has announced plans to produce and narrate a new documentary about the political scandal.

Titled All The President’s Men Revisited, the documentary will air on the Discovery Channel in 2013. It is the first project from Redford’s new Sundance Productions, a company which is set to produce content for television and the internet.

In the 1976 film Redford played Bob Woodward opposite Dustin Hoffman’s Carl Bernstein. Woodward and Bernstein were a pair of Washington Post reporters who helped to bring down US President Richard Nixon, following the Watergate scandal.

All The President’s Men is a seminal 70s film, textured and rich – the kind that Hollywood doesn’t make anymore, and it’s good to see Redford retuning to the material. Redford’s always had a keen political eye, look no further for The Candidate for proof. The star also has the politically tinged thriller The Company You Keep on the way.

Good stuff.

Source: NY Times