Robert Redford, Brad Pitt & Tony Scott On The Set Of SPY GAME

Nobody shot action quite like the late Tony Scott. He was a first rate visual artist who managed to put his stamp on the Hollywood action movie, delivering a style that was copied by many, but never matched. Smoky visuals and orange filters were some of the director’s iconic trade-marks and they helped add panache to films such as Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop II, The Last Boy Scout and Man On Fire.

One of Scott’s finest movies was 2001’s Spy Game, a crackling thriller starring Robert Redford and Brad Pitt as CIA agents. It charts their relationship over the decades as Redford’s character tries to stop the execution of Pitt after his capture by the Chinese government during an unofficial mission. The film is a wonderful companion piece on Redford’s 1975 film Three Days Of The Condor, and it features some great chemistry between Redford and Pitt. 

Budgeted at $115 million, Spy Game grossed $62 million at the US box office, $80 million in foreign territories for a $143 million world-wide gross. 

This image shows Redford, Pitt and Tony Scott on the set of Spy Game. Scott always seemed to wear a pink baseball cap on set, another of the director’s trademark.