Robert Pattinson Listens To ‘The Band’


Robert Pattinson has been doing the Cannes thing, out shilling his latest non-Twilight release Cosmopolis. It’s looks good (it’s David Cronenberg, what do you expect?). That’s not the news-the news is that Pattinson has said that he’s attached to a film about legendary group The Band. Interesting…

Live For Films has a quote from Pattinson which says: “I’m going to do a movie about The Band, the one that played with [Bob] Dylan. [It’s] a beautiful script about the nature of songwriting.”

If you don’t know anything about The Band, then just check out Martin Scorsese’s 1978 documentary The Last Waltz. It’s a masterpiece of filmmaking and music, with a fantastic musical line-up.

Anyway, going from the above quote, if Pattinson is playing a member of the group then I’d imagine that he’ll be either Robbie Robertson or Rick Danko. Personally, I think that he’s got that Danko thing going on. Might be good casting. A film about The Band would be a tough one to pull together with complicated soundtrack issues, but this might be a worthwhile effort. It again shows that Pattinson is trying to move away from the Twilight movies-heck, I’ve only watched one and I’m trying to forget the franchise.

A film about The Band is decent idea, and the soundtrack should be good…at the very least.

Source: Live For Films