Robert Evans Has Died

The mighty Robert Evans has passed away at the age of 89.

Evans was the actor turned studio-exec-turned movie producer. Evans was behind a ridiculous amount of classic films including: Barefoot in the Park, The Odd Couple, Rosemary’s Baby, The Italian Job, True Grit, Love Story, Harold and Maude, The Godfather, The Godfather Part II, Serpico, The Conversation, Chinatown, The Great Gatsby and Marathon Man

Think about that for a minute – those are some of the great movies from the 1970s. 

Evans’ career took a down-turn in the 1980s when he was accused of cocaine trafficking and then implicated in the infamous Cotton Club murder. He bounced back in the 1990s and early 00s with The Two Jakes, Sliver, Jade, The Phantom, The Saint and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

Evans was a Hollywood titan. He was a man who could spot talent and he knew who deliver great cinema. Essential reading is his 1994 autobiography The Kid Stays in the Picture and essential viewing is the 2003 documentary film of the same name and also any (or all) of the above movies.

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