Road To Hell: Halloween’s David Gordon Green Taking HELLRAISER To HBO

Horrormeister Clive Barker‘s Hellraiser continues to impress more than thirty years on. Barker’s own 1987 adaptation of his novella The Hellbound Heart offers-up a baroque gothic horror wrapped within the confines of a warped family drama. Barker brings his distinctive sense of darkness to the tale which sees Pinhead (Doug Bradley) and his companion Cenobites unleashed from a demonic puzzle box.

The subsequent films were hit and miss but now David Gordon Green has been handed the key to the puzzle box and he’s set to develop a new series for HBO. Green will direct the pilot for Hellraiser and several more episodes of the series, which will be written by Mark Verheiden and Michael Dougherty. 

Green has form in dusting-off old horror franchises and giving them new life. His continuation of John Carpenter’s Halloween cost just $10 million and grossed $255 million globally. Sequels to that film are on the way with Halloween Kills set to open in October 2020. 

On an interesting note, Deadline is reporting that a separate Hellraiser film is in development at Spyglass Entertainment – that film is unrelated to this new series.

Source: Deadline