Rise Of TITANIC – Mega-Grossing Film Comes Back In 3D


Titanic was a phenomenon when it was released in 1997. James Cameron’s film became the highest grossing film of all time (before it was beaten by Avatar), grossing $600 million at the US box office and another $1.2 billion elsewhere around the world. It also snagged eleven Academy Awards from fourteen nominations – a record amount (joint with Ben-Hur).The film is now set for a 3D re-release, meaning that it now has the potential to cross the $2 billion mark globally, an easy figure to hit. The film has developed a lot of naysayers since it was first released fifteen years ago, but now, it has the opportunity to impress all over again on the 100th anniversary of the ship’s sailing (and sinking).

Cameron’s film is actually pretty good, a sort of Gone With the Wind for the late 20th Century, it was an event that managed to get different generations going to the cinema – something that happens very rarely. In my lifetime, I can’t ever remember my mother and grandmother going to see the same film that I also saw.