Richard Gere & Valérie Kaprisky In Jim McBride’s BREATHLESS

Richard Gere is at the peak of his powers in Jim McBride’s Breathless. This 1983 remake of Jean-Luc Godard’s 1960 Nouvelle Vague classic, À bout de souffle sees Gere play a criminal who goes on the run with Valérie Kaprisky’s student. McBride directs this update with flair and panache, getting the most out his sexy stars. Pop culture infuses nearly every scene of this on-the-run thriller, which plays around with Godard’s source material.

Breathless kicked-off a great run throughout the ’80s for McBride (he followed it up with The Big Easy and Great Balls Of Fire) and it was the last film in a successful hot streak for Gere, who spent a few years in the wilderness before coming back big time in 1990 with Internal Affairs and Pretty Woman.

Breathless grossed $19.9 million at the US box office when it was released in 1983.