Rhapsody In Blue: Dexter Fletcher Takes Over Directing Duties On Freddie Mercury/Queen Biopic

Dexter Fletcher will take over as director on the Freddie Mercury/Queen movie Bohemian Rhapsody. The Eddie The Eagle director replaces Bryan Singer, who was fired by 20th Century Fox due to his unprofessional behaviour (from what I hear, it’s not the first time Singer got the sack! Ba boom boom).

Fletcher’s appointment is an odd one – at one point, he was attached to direct the film but bailed due to ‘creative differences’ with producers. Looks like that’s all been sorted and now Fletcher will complete the last few weeks of filming and post-production – and likely do some reshoots (possibly to score a directing credit on the pic).

It’ll be interesting to see how Bohemian Rhapsody ultimately turns out – and how it will be received by the critics and audiences following this behind the scenes kerfuffle.

Source: Deadline