Review: Sci-Fi Thriller BREACH Starring Bruce Willis & Thomas Jane Is Enjoyable Dumb Fun

3 out of 5 stars

You’ll enjoy Breach if you ignore the derivative nature of the film’s plot and check your brain at the door. Directed by John Suits, this sci-fi/horror/thriller hybrid owes a massive debt to Ridley Scott’s Alien and John Carpenter’s The Thing and while it’s nowhere near as good as those classic films, this cheap genre flick embraces its B-movie roots and makes for the most enjoyable Bruce Willis movie for a long, long time. I wasn’t expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised. 

Cody Kearsley and Kassandra Clementi are young lovers fleeing a dying earth when an alien entity wrecks havoc onboard their spacecraft. Willis stars as a space mechanic who helps the pair fend-off the creature which is intent on wiping-out the remnants of humanity. 

Willis and Thomas Jane are the big names in Breach (formerly known as Anti-life), but Cody Kearsley’s Noah is the lead character and while he’s a bit like a poor man’s Colin Farrell, he acquits himself well. Shot in just 15 days, this low budget effort sees Willis engaged with the material and Jane chewing the scenery as a badass Admiral. They aren’t given much to work with but the two stars help sell the material. 

Considering its modest budget, the monster effects in Breach are pretty solid and while the set design is basic, the lived-in look of the film echoes films like the aforementioned Alien and Peter Hyams’ Outland. Scott Glasgow’s score adds some energy into the film and the whole package is well put together. 

It’s far from being a classic, but Breach is enjoyable B-movie hokum and it isn’t a bad way of spending ninety minutes.  

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