Review: Pierce Brosnan Is Suave & Debonair In Renny Harlin’s Slick & Stylish Heist Thriller THE MISFITS

3 out of 5 stars

Pierce Brosnan delivers a suave and debonair performance in director Renny Harlin’s The Misfits. A slick and stylish comedy-thriller, Harlin’s film may scrimp on plot and character development, but it delivers some energetic entertainment for the summer season.

Brosnan has played the Gentleman Thief throughout his career, having riffed on the archetype in Remington Steele, The Thomas Crown Affair and After The Sunset, and Harlin’s film uses Brosnan’s screen persona to perfection. This is the type of role the Irish star excels at – he’s the special ingredient which makes The Misfits immensely watchable. 

Brosnan plays Richard Pace, a master thief recruited by a gang of Robin Hood-style thieves called The Misfits (Jamie Chung, Rami Jaber,  Mike Angelo and Nick Cannon) to take part in a tricky gold heist in a secure Abu Dhabi prison. The gold belongs to Tim Roth‘s Schultz, a shady businessman who uses the money to fund terrorism. Along for the ride is Pace’s daughter, Hope (Hermione Corfield) who wants to reconnect with her father and try to get him back on the straight and narrow. 

Renny Harlin is a master craftsman when it comes to action, having helmed such genre classics as Die Hard 2: Die Harder, The Long Kiss Goodnight and  Deep Blue Sea. Harlin once again delivers a visceral slice of slick cinema with The Misfits – it’s a film which uses its futuristic Abu Dhabi setting to perfection. It glistens like the gold its characters are attempting to steal and the whole film plays like love letter to the sandy city. 

The Misfits uses Pierce Brosnan’s cinematic heritage and builds on it. The aforementioned  Remington Steele, The Thomas Crown Affair and After The Sunset are obviously touchstones, but the film also has nods towards two late career movies from another former James Bond – the great Sean Connery. The Misfits has echoes of Connery starrers, The Rock and Entrapment and while it might not be as good as those movies, it does share similar DNA. If Harlin’s movie illustrates anything, it shows that Pierce Brosnan is a true movie star who takes any material  and adds his own brand charisma to make it better. It’s great to see Brosnan back on screen in a leading role – which lets his star-light shine once more. 

The plot and story in The Misfits may be wafer thin and plausibility might be non-existent, but the whole thing is delivered in such an exciting and thrilling way that it doesn’t matter. This is pure unadulterated entertainment  – and it doesn’t try to be anything other in that. Check your brain at the door and settle in for some sun, sand and…Pierce Brosnan.

The Misfits hits US cinemas on 11 June 2021 and is available to buy or rent on Digital from 15 June 2021.