Review: Mind-Bending Short Sci-Fi Film RE-DISPLACEMENT

4 out of 5 stars

Writer-director Lewis Coates‘ short film, Re-Displacement impresses due to the complexity of what he manages to do across the film’s 15 minute running time. 

Set in the near future, Re-Displacement follows Leo (Nico Mirallegro) as he attempts to rebuild his memories after a trauma. He’s assisted by the android-like Doctor Michelle (Nathalie Cox), who walks him through fragments of memories in an attempt to discover what has happened in his past. 

With a clinical take on the future, fractured timelines and displaced memories, Re-Displacement has serious echoes of Christopher Nolan‘s work. Coates may not have the budget to deliver a film which matches the scope of something like Inception, but he manages to craft a film with some very intriguing visuals. 

The film’s performances are precise, keeping in-line with the tone that Coates has set with his gliding camera and precise editing. Nico Mirallegro does most of the heat-lifting as the confused Leo (a reference to Inception and Shutter Island?) and Nathalie Cox perfectly nails the cool aesthetic as the doctor who may or may not have Leo’s best interests in mind.  Mariah Louca and Rosie Gray have a little less to day as random faces who Leo tries to place from his past. 

Like a good short story, short films are able to play with narrative conventions. They don’t need traditional three-act structures and that’s perfect for a film like Re-Displacement, which works hard to be as ambitious as it is interesting. You’ll be left thinking about this one long after the end credits roll.