Review: MIDNIGHT IN THE SWITCHGRASS Starring Megan Fox, Emile Hirsch & Bruce Willis Is Dire

1 out of 5 stars

Another week brings another movie that sees the once great Bruce Willis sleepwalk his way through 12 minutes of screen-time for a $1 million payday. This time around the film is Midnight In The Switchgrass, a serial killer movie which marks the directing debut of prolific producer Randall Emmett. 

Emmett has made dozens of low budget thrillers (most of them starring Willis) and you have to wonder what made him pick this script. The plotting is boring, the characterisation is wafer-thin and there’s more tension in an episode of Happy Days. As  directing debuts go, it’s more Uwe Boll than Orson Welles. 

Lukas Haas, plays a serial killer (called The Truck Stop Killer) who is hunting young women and Megan Fox and Bruce Willis are a pair of FBI agents on his tail. They cross-paths with Emile Hirsch’s upstanding cop in the hope of catching him and then…well…not a lot actually. You can pretty much guess everything that happens.

Willis is totally unengaged in the material (and he bails-out early), Fox is totally miscast and its left to Haas and Hirsch to try and add something which resembles acting to try in an attempt to lift the whole endeavour. Alan Horsnail’s screenplay may have had some spark at some point, but Midnight In The Switchgrass is just a mishmash of exhausted genre tropes with nothing new to add. The biggest selling point here is that Megan Fox and her current partner Colson ‘Machine Gun Kelly’ Baker share screen-time. Sadly, the pair have less sexual chemistry than Bert and Ernie. 

A total waste of time for all involved, skip Midnight In The Switchgrass and watch anything else instead.