Review: David Carradine In Low Budget Vampire Horror Film THE LAST SECT


2 out of 5 stars

As Halloween approaches most film distributors start releasing horror films so that people can scare the bejeezus out of themselves on October 31st. With this in mind I had the opportunity to watch The Last Sect starring David Carradine.

This is a strange film. Billed as an erotic horror film, the film isn’t erotic or horrific. It’s sort of a strange mish-mash of Tony Scott’s The Hunger, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, End of Days and bizarrely enough The Fifth Element.

So what’s it about? Okay guys, deep breath for this one.

In the film Carradine plays Abraham Van Helsing (who else) the fearless vampire hunter, who along with his young assistant is using the internet to track vampires(??!!!). Lo and behold they stumble upon the last sect of female vampires, who for unexplained reasons are broadcasting live sacrifices on the web! A young female journalist (what else) also happens to be writing a story about an all female internet dating company who just so happen to be the said vampires, who are looking for a new guardian to protect them as they enter a twenty five year hibernation period.

Strangely enough it was just a few weeks ago I said to a friend of mine that I hadn’t been watching enough low-budget horror films and now I’ve got about ten sitting on my desk to review. This one had the ever watchable David Carradine so it made it to the top of the pile. Now, The Last Sect isn’t a particularly good film, but it did keep me glued to my seat as I was curious to see where the hell it was going. Usually in a vampire film you get at least one gory kill in the first twenty or so minutes, so that the viewer knows what they are watching. This just had slow motion flashes of the internet sacrifice which kind of looked like something out of a cheap Meat Loaf music video knock-off.

The acting was okay and the limited sets were passable, however it did irk me somewhat that there were only about three locations used in the entire film, and almost no exterior shooting. Listen guys if you’re going to make a vampire thriller set at night- show some twinkling lights and a skyline. You don’t even need a helicopter- just stand on a roof top and point a camera. Canada has some nice cities- use them!

Not a great film by any stretch of the imagination, but if you’re looking for a low budget horror to watch at two in the morning as you work your way through a case of beer or you are a vampire film completist then this just might be the type of film that floats your boat. However if you’re an average viewer and you’ve got some spare change to spend then you might want to look elsewhere.

Special Features

There is a making of documentary that’s about 20 mins long and a trailer that makes the film look even less impressive than it actually is.