Review: Bruce Willis & Jamie King Are OUT OF DEATH (Whatever That Means)


2 out of 5 stars

Mike Burns’ directorial debut, Out Of Death sees Jaime King and Bruce Willis chased through the woods by a bunch of crooked cops when a drug deal goes bad. Those with a passing knowledge of Willis’ ever-growing list of VOD credits know that this is a one-and-done scenario which saw the Die Hard star on set for one day before the rest of his material is shot by a follicly-challenged stand-in. In fact, Out Of Death was shot in just nine days – which must be something of a record for this type of flick. 

On a sliding scale of Willis VOD efforts, Out Of Death is far from the worst and there’s a certain amount of fun to be had with Out For Death – if you go in with low expectations. It’s no classic, but it’s a passable enough B-movie – if you’re in the mood for that sort of thing. 

Jaime King does most of the heavy-lifting as the grieving daughter who just wants to scatter her late father’s ashes over the mountain he loved so well. She gets to deliver across a good amount of fear and determination as she attempts to out-run and out-wit the bad guys who are always just one step behind. As for Willis – I’m pretty sure he’s using an ear-piece to get through his limited dialogue and while he’s not particularly engaged, there may have been a flicker of the old A-list movie star for a brief second. Maybe. 

You won’t remember Out Of Death (or its painfully generic and nonsensical title) after the credits have rolled. However, it does the trick if you’re literally looking for a movie to waste some time.