Remembering Shane Black’s KISS KISS BANG BANG

Shane Black’s 2005 directorial debut, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a near flawless modern noir. Black’s script sizzles with wit and one-liners and Robert Downey Jr and Val Kilmer are perfect as the leads. Kilmer was post-Batman, Downey was pre-Iron Man and they share great chemistry in this witty Christmas Noir. I’m still waiting on the sequel. 

The $15 million film grossed just $4 million at the US box office (and an additional $11 million elsewhere), hardly a hit to write home about, although that does have something to do with Warner Bros. releasing it on only 226 screens.

At the time of its release Downey Jr was climbing his way back up the career ladder – he still had The Shaggy Dog to come. Then Iron Man hit and he went on to become one the biggest stars in recent times. He re-teamed with Black on Iron Man 3 (the best in the franchise).

Val Kilmer recently overcame cancer and he has a new autobiography out titled, I’m Your Huckleberry and he has a supporting role in December’s Top Gun: Maverick.