Remember When Kevin Spacey Was Going To Star In Ridley Scott’s ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD?

Do you remember when Kevin Spacey was supposed to star in director Ridley Scott‘s 2017 release All The Money In the World

Spacey had not only filmed his role in the film, but was featured in the trailer and other marketing when a sex scandal erupted back in October 2017. Hollywood turned its back on the actor and he was ditched from his Netflix series House Of Cards, dropped from other roles, while other films featuring him were shelved. At the very last minute Scott decided to replace Spacey with the late Christopher Plummer  – just weeks before All The Money In the World‘s release in December 2017. 

The 10 days of hastily arranged reshoots cost around $10 million to complete, upping the film’s budget to $50 million. Co-stars Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams were called back for the filming which hit the headlines when it was revealed that Wahlberg was paid $1.5 million for the additional scenes while Williams only received $80 in per diems. Wahlberg later announced that he would donate the money to the Time’s Up movement in Williams’ name.

Plummer ultimately delivered a performance which was likely more nuanced than the one Spacey would have delivered, but while All The Money In the World is interesting, it’s not a great film. On a $50 million, it grossed just $25.1 million at the US box office and $56.9 million globally. 

You can check out two different trailers for All The Money In the World below. One with Kevin Spacey and the other with Christopher Plummer. 

Starring Kevin Spacey:

Starring Christopher Plummer: