Remaking The Prequel: YOUNG SHERLOCK HOLMES Remake On the Way


Hollywood loves prequels and remakes, so it was inevitable that someone would finally get around to remaking a prequel. Enter Young Sherlock Holmes.

Paramount Pictures is planning a remake of Barry Levinson’s 1985 film, Young Sherlock Holmes. The film features Sherlock Holmes (Nicholas Rowe) and John Watson (Alan Cox) meeting at boarding school, where the stumble upon their first investigation. It’s a fun old-fashioned Amblin adventure, written by Chris Columbus and it’s notable for featuring the first-ever CGI sequence.

The remake will be penned by The Lion King 1 ½ scribe Evan Spiliotopoulos, while Columbus was return as a producer. The Lion King 1 ½ – I thought that was a typo – it’s not.

I’m amazed that this didn’t get traction sooner. Presumably Paramount forgot about this film, until someone discovered it in the archives. I mean, it’s a remake, a prequel and Sherlock Holmes; all three of those concepts are hot in Hollywood right now. However, it is worth noting that the original film beefed it at the box office on its release, scuppering any chance of a franchise.

The plan for Young Sherlock Holmes is that it will ‘skew younger’ than the current Warner Bros, Sherlock Holmes franchise featuring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. Is that even possible? It’s not like those films are high art. Source:

The Wrap

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