Rejoice! S. Craig Zahler Is Back & Set To Direct The Noir Thriller THE BIG STONE GRID

Regular readers will know that Movies In Focus regards S. Craig Zahler as one of the finest U.S. filmmakers to emerge in the last decade or so. Bone Tomahawk, Brawl in Cell Block 99 and Dragged Across Concrete – are all first-rate works from a unique cinematic voice  – and it’s verging on criminal that Zahler hasn’t made a film since Dragged Across Concrete in 2018. He has a literary approach to story and character – something which is no surprise considering that he’s also a novelist.

The good news is that World of Reel is reporting that Zahler is gearing up to direct The Big Stone Grid – a film which he wrote that was originally set to be directed by Michael Mann

‘The film is being described to me as a “crime-noir” with “horror elements,” akin to Fincher’s “Se7en” and Schlesinger’s “Marathon Man.” The story tackles two decorated detectives who uncover a terrifying extortion ring, filled with sadistic murders, that operates within the secret underbelly of New York City.’

This sounds like trademark Zahler and by going from his past works you can also bet that The Big Stone Grid is going molasses dark. He likes to push things to the limit beyond the limit. This will probably make Se7en look like Care Bears The Movie

Previously, Zahler was attempting to mount a film version of his book, Hug Chickenpenny: The Panegyric of an Anomalous Child. The plan was for the dark gothic tale to be shot in black and white with puppets from the Jim Henson Company, but the film fell apart due to financing issues.  

World Of Reel is also reporting that Ridley Scott‘s next film will be an adaptation of Zahler’s western novel, Wraiths of the Broken Land
That’s all great news – and it looks like 2024/2025 is going to see a resurgence in all things S, Craig. Zahler – and I for one applaud that. Keep an eye on Movies In Focus to see how this all shakes out. 
Source: World Of Reel