Putting Baby In The Corner: The Frustration Of BABY DRIVER

With a title which riffs on the Simon & Garfunkel song from their Bridge Over Troubled Water album, director Edgar Wright‘s 2017 film, Baby Driver is an energetic action-comedy/musical which is as entertaining as it is frustrating.

Wright directs with precision and verve, keeping the music and visuals intertwined in a wild dance. It’s a fun movie, but the whole endeavour is just too smug. A ‘look at me’ vibe permeates the movie from start to finish. 

Ansel Elgort is the wheelman who likes to groove to the tunes as he spins his tyres. The supporting cast is great, with Man Men‘s Jon Hamm getting to shine as a banker turned gun totting bank robber (are we allowed to mention Kevin Spacey?). It’s a shame the tunes are a cliched and that the finale lacks originality. And don’t get me started on a man being called Baby.

Budgeted at $34 million, Baby Driver scored $107 million at the US box office and $119 million in other countries for a$226.9 million global haul.