Poster, Stills & Trailer For TERMINATOR: DARK FATE – This Looks Terrible

Movies In Focus has been a fan of the Terminator franchise for decades. James Cameron’s The Terminator is a flawless piece of filmmaking and Terminator 2: Judgement Day is the perfect way to expand the first film’s mythology and it also delivers spectacle in spades. The Terminator was the first VHS I ever owned and T2 is the first 15 certificate film I saw in the cinema. I was 11 years-old.

Quality took a dip once Cameron departed but Arnold Schwarzenegger stayed true to the franchise and I can enjoy a lot of the subsequent films and what they tried to do with the story. They’re far from perfect though.

Despite the return of Linda Hamilton and James Cameron‘s story and producer credits, Terminator: Dark Fate looks terrible. Whoever cut this trailer and selected the music track needs terminated. It looks cheap, the effects are terrible and I have no idea who these people are (apart from Hamilton and Schwarzenegger’s one second appearance). This is the opposite of what a teaser trailer should do.

They’re going to have to work very hard if they want to win over Movies In Focus before this thing opens in October.

Check it out:

Terminator: Dark Fate hits on 23 October 2019.