Podcast – Episode 9: Producer Gemma Bradley Talks About BLACK BOX & Independent Filmmaking

Film producer Gemma Bradley joins this episode of the Movies In Focus podcast. Gemma is an independent filmmaker who has produced the 2015 urban thriller Brother’s Day and the recent science fiction film Black Box.

I’ve known Gemma for well over 20 years – she’s the younger sister of my best friend Robert who was sadly killed by a drunk driver in the year 2000 and it’s been great to see her become a wonderful film producer. 

Funded largely through a Kickstarter campaign, Black Box has a one location setting and a claustrophobic use of space which echoes Alfonso Cuarón’s 2013 Gravity. Whereas Cuarón had a $100 million budget at his disposal, Gemmed and director Angel Delgado had a considerably less budget (thousands, not millions). However, what the director and his crew did have was ingenuity – which makes Black Box a tremendous feat in low budget, independent filmmaking.

Gemma chatted about many things including the trials and tribulations of producing low budget independent films and using crowdfunding as a way of raising finance her latest film Black Box.

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