Podcast Episode 53: Izzy Lee On The Gonzo ‘Sesame Street On Acid’ Arrow Short MEAT FRIEND

Arrow Shorts is a showcase for great short-form film-making. From the scary to the bizarre, Arrow highlights the amazing work being created by filmmakers in a shorter-length medium.

Film-maker Izzy Lee joins this episode of the podcast to talk about her incredibly fresh and original short film Meat Friend.

Izzy Lee’s Meat Friend was nominated for a 2023 Fangoria Chainsaw Award for Best Short Film, and it follows an ex-con, sentient pile of hamburger meat (voiced by Steve Johanson) who teaches after-school lessons to a child (Marnie McKendry). 

It’s a seriously gonzo piece of short film-making that plays like Sesame Street on acid – and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

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