Podcast – Episode 5: Filmmaker Lisa Downs Discusses Three Of Her Favourite Films

Lisa Downs’ is a filmmaker with a unique take on how to look back on classic films. Her 2017 documentary, Life After Flash was a brilliant insight into the film Flash Gordon and its lead actor Sam J. Jones, while 2020’s Life After The Navigator looked at another beloved ’80s sci-fi film, Flight of the Navigator and the rollercoaster life of its young star Joey Cramer. 

Far from being mere nostalgic looks at classic films, her documentaries have a heartfelt core, which profile the stars of the movies and their complex lives. It’s just just features  – you can discover more on her Life After YouTube Web Show which features interviews, competitions and a lot more.

On this show Lisa talked about three very different films which mean something special to her – the 1989 comedy Dream A Little Dream starring the two Coreys – Corey Haim and Coery Feldman, 2015 financial drama, The Big Short and the Hollywood classic, Giant starring James Dean.

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