Podcast Episode 48: Author Danny Stewart On The Underappreciated Kurt Russell Movie SOLDIER

Unfairly dismissed in 1998, Paul W.S. Anderson’s Soldier underperformed when it was released, grossing a paltry $14.5 million at the U.S. on a then substantial $60 million budget. In the UK the Kurt Russell starrer became the most expensive film to go straight to DVD/Video. 

Danny Stewart’s book Soldier: From Script to Screen takes a serious deep dive into the making of Paul W.S. Anderson’s film, covering every aspect of the film’s production. However, over the years the reputation of Soldier has grown and what was once seen as a throwaway action pic now resonates as something totally different, offering up parallels to George Stevens’ 1953 classic western, Shane

Danny joins the Movies In Focus podcast to talk about Soldier’s original failure and the growing legacy of the Paul W.S. Anderson science fiction actioner.

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