Podcast Episode 47: Cult Auteur Larry Fessenden Talks BLACKOUT & Werewolves

It’s usually hyperbole to say that someone does it all, but in the case of Larry Fessenden, it just so happens to be true. An award-winning actor, producer, writer, director and editor – Fessenden is a genre filmmaker with a real skill in delivering works that entertain but also have a fair amount of nuance and sophistication. 

Fessenden’s latest film is Blackout, a werewolf horror with a top-notch cast that includes Alex Hurt, Addison Timlin, Marshall Bell and Barbara Crampton amongst its number. 

The film is not only a fantastic old-school horror pic, but it also features plenty of added social commentary – and this makes it a cut above other modestly budgeted genre films. 

Larry Fessenden joined the Movies In Focus podcast to talk about the Blackout, the inspirations behind the film and his love of werewolf movies.

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