Podcast Episode 46: Director Adam Cooper Discusses SLEEPING DOGS & Working With Russell Crowe & Karen Gillan

Based on E.O. Chirovici’s novel, The Book of Mirrors, Sleeping Dogs is a twisty and entertaining thriller starring the mighty Russell Crowe. Crowe plays Roy Freeman, a former cop undergoing treatment for Alzheimer’s disease who starts to dig into an old case in the hopes of exonerating an innocent man. The type of film that used to be Hollywood’s bread and butter, Sleeping Dogs’ impressive cast also includes Karen Gillan and Tommy Flanagan. 

Adam Cooper the screenwriter behind films such as Tower Heist, Exodus: Gods And Kings and Assassin’s Creed makes his directorial debut with Sleeping Dogs. Adam joined the Movies In Focus podcast to talk about making the film, working with Russell Crowe, shooting a U.S. set movie in Australia and much more.

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