Podcast Episode 41: Phillip Noyce & Morena Baccarin Discuss FAST CHARLIE Starring Pierce Brosnan

Director Phillip Noyce and Morena Baccarin join the Movies In Focus podcast to talk about their new film, Fast Charlie. 

Brutal when it needs to be, funny when it wants to be and heartfelt when you least expect it, Fast Charlie is first-class entertainment for grown-ups. Master-craftsman Noyce has built a well-constructed revenge thriller around star Pierce Brosnan and the script delivers plenty of standout moments. Anyone looking for a good old-fashioned thriller will have to search far and wide for one that works better than Fast Charlie. 

Having enjoyed the film so much, it was great to talk with its maker and star. Returning guest Phillip Noyce discussed a range of topics – such as the power of positive reviews, it’s what it’s like working with Pierce Brosnan, the intricacies of balancing drama and comedy and we even touched on directing the James Bond franchise.

Morena Baccarin talks about the complexities of building a strong character, the balance of romantic storylines, Deadpool 3 and more.

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