Podcast – Episode 37: Douglas Schulze Talks THORNS, FightFest & Low Budget Filmmaking

Douglas Schulze has been a friend of Movies In Focus since 2009, in the lead-up to the release of his David Carradine starring horror film Dark Fields – or The Rain as it was then called.

Films like Mimesis: Night Of The Living DeadMimesis: Nosferatu and his experimental thriller The Dark Below show a director who wants to push the boundaries of low-budget storytelling with interesting and creative concepts. 

Douglas has now brought his new horror film, Thorns to FrightFest. A 1980s inspired genre film, Thorns has hints of Alien, The Thing and Hellraiser. A throwback piece, it’s filled with practical effects and plenty of eye-watering moments of gore. 

Finally, Douglas Schulze joins the Movies In Focus podcast to talk about Thorns, his career as a low budget director and the highs of lows of independent filmmaking.

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