Podcast – Episode 33: THE BLACK DEMON Director Adrian Grunberg

Get The Gringo and Rambo: Last Blood director, Adrian Grünberg joins the Movies In Focus podcast to talk about his new film,The Black Demon. The killer shark movie stars Josh Lucas as an oil company employee struggling to protect his family from a megalodon shark after they become stranded on a disused oil rig. An entertaining horror-thriller, The Black Demon plays around with the genres tropes, as well as adding a little bit of mysticism into the plot.

Films like Get The Gringo (also known as How I  Spent My Summer Vacation) and Rambo: Last Blood show that Adrian Grünberg is a very earthbound director and during this episode he talks about how The Black Demon was a change of pace due to its special effects and aquatic location. He also discusses what it’s like making a genre film, facing the looming shadow of Jaws during production – and burgundy shirts!

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