Podcast – Episode 32: Film Historian James Kenney On DAUGHTER OF GOD With Keanu Reeves & Ana De Armas

City University of New York lecturer and film historian James Kenney once again joins the Movies In Focus podcast. The last time he was on the show he talked about discovering the original cut of Peter Bogdonavich’s Squirrels To The Nuts – and this time round he discusses Gee Malik Linton’s surrealist religious drama, Daughter Of God.

Starring Keanu Reeves and Ana De Armas, Daughter Of God was recut by producers – who removed almost forty minutes – and released it under the generic title of Exposed. This gutted release diluted the perfomnces of Reeves and De Armas and turned the film into a plodding and rudderless thriller that came and went with little fanfare. 

In this episode, James Kenney reveals how he discovered this director’s cut of Daughter Of God and how he’s attempting to bring this ‘lost’ film to audiences.

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