Podcast – Episode 3: Actor/Director Ruben Pla Talks About ALIEN, JAWS & THE EXORCIST

Ruben Pla is an actor with over 65 credits on IMDB. A character actor who has been working for a long time, Pla has had a wide variety of roles in television and film, appearing in everything from shows like CSI: Miami to iconic genre movies like Insidious. He has also moved into directing, making the short films The Kill (2014) and Head (2015). In 2020 Pla released his documentary The Horror Crowd and it’s been a huge success on the festival circuit.

An enthusiastic and passionate film fan, Ruben Pla joined the Movies In Focus podcast to talk about three of his favourite films – the 1970s genre classics Alien, Jaws and The Exorcist.

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