Pierce Brosnan Joins Jackie Chan In New Action Thriller From Bond Director Martin Campbell


Pierce Brosnan will join Jackie Chan in the screen adaptation of Stephen Leather’s book The Chinaman. Goldeneye director Martin Campbell will direct the action-thriller that is being financed by STX Entertainment and SR Media Corporation.

According To The Wrap:

Chan stars as a humble restaurant owner in London’s Chinatown. When the justice system fails him, he is forced to push his moral and physical boundaries to track down the group of rogue Irish terrorists responsible for the death of his beloved daughter. Brosnan will play Liam Hennessy, a former IRA member-turned-government official.

Brosnan and Chan make for an interesting combination (there both mooted for The Expendables 4) and it sounds like this will be a thriller with a hard edge, rather than a Rush Hour buddy comedy. Campbell knows how to stage engaging action sequences and when he’s on form he can really deliver the goods (The Mask Of Zorro, Goldeneye, Casino Royale and Edge of Darkness).

Movies in Focus loves a good action thriller and this has a good cast, impressive director and an intriguing premise. I’ll be keeping you updated on this one.

Source: The Wrap