Pierce Brosnan Discovers The Secret Of YOUTH

The mighty Pierce Brosnan has signed-up to star in writer/director Brett Marty’s feature adaptation of his 2016 short film Youth. The sci-fi film follows a man who attempts to turn-back the ageing process, but things go badly wrong. 

Here’s a pretty detailed synopsis from Deadline:

The pic is set in a future not far from now, where “Renewal” has become the world’s hottest (and most expensive) commodity — a procedure to rewind your body’s biological clock back to its prime. Joel (Brosnan), an ad-tech engineer, is about to retire at age 70, after a lengthy career. Not wanting to lose him, his company pays for him and his wife Alice to Renew — a luxury promising a second chance. Alice emerges from the operation in her 20s, but for Joel, the procedure goes tragically wrong. Rather than make him younger, his aging begins accelerating rapidly, and his remaining years evaporate into mere weeks. Trapped in a decaying body, and watching his 45-year marriage disintegrate, Joel becomes desperate enough to force another, more dangerous procedure. Uncovering the dark origins of the technology along the way, Joel must somehow stay alive long enough to reveal to the world what is happening, before it is too late.

Brosnan is one hell of an actor and screen presence and this is a great premise. There’s nothing quite like a ticking-clock thriller and throw in the sci-fi element and this becomes a must-watch movie. Obviously, with everything that’s going on in the world, Youth might be some time way – but it sound like it might be worth the wait. 

I haven’t seen Brett Marty’s original short – but I’ve embedded the trailer below. It really looks like an intriguing concept and ripe for feature length treatment. 

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Source: Deadline