Pierce Brosnan As Ian Fleming’s JAMES BOND

Following a six year court battle over rights issues between Eon and MGM, many thought that the suit wearing James Bond was now a relic of a bygone era. In the mid 1990′s Timothy Dalton declined an invitation to return to the legendary role and, in 1995, Pierce Brosnan finally had his chance to star as James Bond in Goldeneye.

Re-launching the franchise in glorious fashion the film and Brosnan’s subsequent films were a huge success. Each of Brosnan’s films grossed more and more at the US box office and he became Bond for a whole new generation.

Tomorrow Never Dies and and The World Is Not Enough saw him straddle the line tonal lines between Sean Connery and Roger Moore. However, following the 9/11 bombings and the Jason Bourne films many thought that 2002′s Die Another Day had taken the franchise back to the realms of Moonraker with its far-fetched plot and over the top special effects. It was time for Daniel Craig to take over the role.