Peter Tork Member Of The Monkees Dies

On 29 February 2012, a week-old Movies In Focus published news announcing the death of The Monkees singer Davy Jones. Now almost exactly 7 years later I’m reporting that his bandmate Peter Tork has also died.

77 year old Tork was the bassist in The Monkees, the band set up in the 1960s in an attempt to ape the success of The Beatles. They had a slew of hits and actually out-sold The Beatles at one stage. In 2015, Tork joined surviving band mates (Miky Dolenze and Michael Nesmith) to record the rather brilliant album, Good Times. They also released a Christmas album in 2018. Tork was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in 2009 and it was thought that his health was in decline.

I had the opportunity to see all four members of The Monkees play in Belfast back in 1997. It was a great gig.

This is yet another sad loss.