4 out of 5 stars

John McTiernan – 1999.

Remakes are rarely as good the original, but John Mc Tiernan‘s remake of The Thomas Crown Affair certainly surpasses Norman Jewison‘s 1968 original. 

This 1999 remake of the Steve McQueen/Faye Dunaway film hits the mark on nearly every level. Rene Russo is the perfect foil to Pierce Brosnan’s gentleman thief and Bill Conti’s score is first rate. 

McTiernan’s romantic-thriller shows that Pierce Brosnan is able to use his suave on-screen persona and shape a variety of different roles. Brosnan is at the peak of his powers here – and it’s a role right up there with James Bond

The Thomas Crown Affair also features a wonderful score from Bill Conti and exceptional useage of Nina Simone’s Sinnerman in the climax. 

The Thomas Crown Affair is pure class.