Notebook Reviews: THE PATRIOT

4.5 out of 5 stars

Roland Emmerich – 2000.

Master of Disaster, Roland Emmerich goes for a serious change of pace with The Patriot. Yes, this is still a huge scale Hollywood blockbuster, but its worlds away from the likes of Stargate and Independence Day

The Patriot is a wonderfully constructed action-epic with a tremendous lead performance from the mighty Mel Gibson. Forget any comparisons to Braveheart, this American War of Independence film is its own thing entirely. There’s cinema and then there’s cinema with Mad Mel in a full-on rage with a tomahawk. The supporting cast also impresses – Heath Ledger is very good as Gibson’s son, while Jason Isaacs makes for a terrific villain. 

Well drawn characters, strong emotional beats, first rate production design and impressive battle sequences mean that The Patriot comes hugely recommended.