Notebook Reviews: MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 2

4 out of 5 stars

John Woo – 2000.

Mission: Impossible 2 is an enjoyable and slick action sequel. Stylistically, this John Woo directed film is very different from Brian De Palma’s 1996 original – but it manages to be great in its own way. Tom Cruise once again delivers spectacularly on the action front as super spy Ethan Hunt. The supporting cast is also very good and Dougray Scott makes for a fitting foe.

The characters might be a little under-developed and Lalo Schifrin‘s iconic Mission: Impossible theme tune is criminally under-used. That doesn’t matter though, because this is a John Woo movie and the action is the thing – and it delivers in spades. All Woo’s famous trademarks (slow motion, doves, twin guns) are in place and the director seems to relish his opportunity to play in the big budget playground. 

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