Notebook Reviews: JAWS

5 out of 5 stars

Steven Spielberg – 1975.

I don’t care what you say, but I believe that Jaws is Steven Spielberg’s greatest cinematic achievement. Spielberg’s film works on every level – as a horror movie, a drama and as an adventure picture. All the elements combine to make a tremendous cinematic treat. The opening shark attack alone has enough tension and scares to fill a dozen slasher films. 

The casting in Jaws is superb, with Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss all clearly relish their roles, throwing themselves into their parts with gusto. And we shouldn’t forget John William‘s magnificent score – and that iconic theme. 

There’s a reason why Jaws became the most successful film of all time – and why it’s still hugely admired today. Seek it out now!