Notebook Reviews: DON JUAN DEMARCO

3 out of 5 stars

Jeremy Leven – 1995.

Don Juan DeMarco is an enjoyable romantic comedy/drama from writer-director Jeremy Levin. The film has an intriguing premise and it features the captivating pairing of Johnny Depp and Marlon Brando. The former shows-off his movie star charisma, while the later reminds us why he’s such an acting icon. There’s definitely a passing of the torch going on here between two generations of big screen greats. 

A luscious score from the brilliant Michael Kamen (and accompanying song from Bryan Adams) adds atmosphere to the piece and Faye Dunaway gives good support as the wife of Bando’s character. . 

It might lack a bit of bite, but Don Juan DeMarco is an entertaining movie all the same. You could do much, much worse. 


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